UK Met Office Chief Executive, Professor Penny Endersby

In this interview, Nick Breeze speaks to Professor Penny Emdersby, the Chief Executive Officer of the UK’s Met Office who is in charge of one of the most important climate change modelling computers in the world.

Penny takes us inside the climate model and reflects on the hard truths that the data outputs are telling us.

Quote: " headline message to anybody is, the faster we can undertake the mitigation, the better it will be and if we can’t hit 1.5ºC we still want to hit 2ºC and 2 is better than 3 and 3 is better than 4!  So we should try and the time for action is now. It is urgent to do something."

It is worth listening to Penny talk us through the Earth system simulator the UK has developed to navigate us through what is currently an undecided and uncertain future.

Penny mentions 2 reports released by the Met Office that can be accessed below:

Projected frequency of 40ºC in the UK

WMO related Met Office press release

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