Gaia Vince and Jonathon Porritt

Fri 17 Mar 7.00–8.30 pm | Gaia Vince & Jonathon Porritt

Location: Babbage Lecture Theatre, David Attenborough Building, Cambridge.

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Synopsis: Gaia and Jonathon will discuss the science, the politics and the implications for the climate movement of the fact that 1.5C is now unattainable if we follow even the most ambitious trajectories highlighted by IPCC; the most ambitious scenario involves an overshoot above 1.5C. What should society do in light of this knowledge? Gaia and Jonathan will share their insights and views, and engage with the audience to explore the issues and possible actions.

Gaia Vince is a science writer and broadcaster exploring the interplay between human systems and the planetary environment. She is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the Anthropocene Institute at UCL and a regular host of BBC Inside Science. Her first book, Adventures In The Anthropocene won the Royal Society Science Book of the Year Prize. Her latest book, Nomad Century: How To Survive The Climate Upheaval, explores global migration and planetary restoration in a radical call to arms.

Jonathon Porritt has been involved in environmental issues since 1974, well known for his advocacy of the Green Party in England and Wales. He was also a director of Friends of the Earth before setting up Forum For The Future, which he describes as his 'current base of operations'. He was chair of the UK Sustainable Development Commission between 2000 and 2009, and has published several books, the most recent being 'Hope In Hell, A Decade To Confront The Climate Emergecy' an indepth analysys of where the science tells us we are heading.